The Maasten Series:

The Bearer Plot

Former mercenary Nicholas Maasten knew that all he had to do was drive to Spain and sell them to the Marquess de Maerez.

But before he could cash his check, the Marquess was killed…

The Kiriov Tapes

Nick Maasten, former mercenary and current Department spy has been branded a traitor for fostering the Russian defector, Kiriov.

Now, Kiriov is on the run. And with him, he has taken classified material that could ruin the Department and MI5 for good.


The Portuguese Fragment

ormer mercenary and Department spy, Nick Maasten, has a new assignment: retrieve a valuable vase from Stavros Dirkian, a notorious art dealer and smuggler based in Morocco.

But when Maasten, accompanied by ex-lawyer and art forger, Elmer Robey, break into Dirkian’s home to get the vase, their plan goes awry.


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